Now Shipping, VMP's New Low Profile Mounts - March 2011

Now Shipping, VMP's NEW Low Profile Mounts
This entire series is less then 1” (0.85”) off the wall and is perfect for the new LED and OLED panels. Cost effective, extremely flexible and easy to install; the FP series of flat panel mounts is the right fit for any application.
 Large Flat Panel Flush Mount   Medium Flat Panel Flush Mount    "Extra" Med. Flat Panel Flush Mount

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Industry News

Selling Digital Signage
Need an easy way to spot a potential digital signage customer?

Try taking your existing customer list and calling every one of the phone numbers on it. Next, ask them what they are doing for signage. Unlike almost every other product that you sell, digital signage works for every single one of your existing clients.

If your clients have people walking their hallways—whether customers, students, citizens, employees, parishioners, or prisoners—then chances are they have something important to say to them.

Your clients have to get crucial information to people somehow, and it’s almost always more expensive to do so by other means. We have a university client, for example, who used to print signs and bulletins to make sure students and staff saw announcements, safety notices, schedule changes, information about campus events, and so on. They estimate that they now save over $100,000 per year in printing costs alone. The business decision can be made very quickly once your customer understands these dynamics.

Mounts are an integral part of Digital Signage.
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Signage Mounts at:

The article excerpt above (as seen in S&VC) was written by Andrew Starks, co-founder of Tightrope Media Systems, makers of Carousel Digital Signage systems as well as Cablecast and Zeplay broadcast video systems. For the full article, visit:


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